Threatened Sensitive Joint Vetch as found in area of proposed KWR Intake on Mattaponi River, further endangered by King William Reservoir Project
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After 22 years the Unpopular and Unneeded King William Reservoir has Been Decisively Stopped!!! Come Join Our Victory March with the ALLIANCE TO SAVE THE MATTAPONI Float in the West Point Crab Carnival Parade on October 3rd!!!

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2/6/2009 Press Release - King William Reservoir Bond Prospectus Report

The Alliance to Save the Mattaponi is an all volunteer grass routes organization dedicated to Saving the Mattaponi River by Stopping the King William Reservoir.

Alliance is an independent organization representing over 1300 citizens, families, organizations, and businesses who have contributed to our fight to protect the Mattaponi River from the King William Reservoir. We will continue to act cooperatively as well as independently with several regional, national, and international environmental organizations, land owners, farmers, corporations, legal teams, civic organizations, and Native American tribes dedicated to the common goal of stopping The proposed King William Reservoir.

The Mattaponi River is the most pristine fresh water tidal river left in Virginia. It is the home of huge fresh water tidal wetlands and is the most important shad spawning ground in the state. The river and the Cohoke Creek valley are threatened by a massive reservoir by Newport News, a city 60 miles away. The reservoir would destroy 400 acres of wetlands – the greatest destruction in the eastern US since the adoption of the Clean Water Act in 1972. It would remove up to 75 million gallons of water per day from the Mattaponi River, impound 12.2 billion gallons, and flood over 1500 acres of the Cohoke valley. It would interrupt 21 miles of free-flowing streams, drown 1,526 acres of wildlife habitat, disturb 1,089 acres of upland habitat, destroy a federally protected 17-nest great blue heron rookery, likely impact bald eagles, impact federally protected sensitive joint-vetch plant colonies and small whorled begonia plants, increase river salinity, cause erosion, impact submerged vegetation, and cause losses to already collapsed and hopefully recovering populations of shad, river herring, and eels. We believe the reservoir violates a 1677 treaty with local Native American Tribes which has protected their culture for 330 years.

For over a decade, Alliance has been to all public meetings, and opposed all state and federal permits needed for the reservoir. We, together with our allies, have been represented by the dedicated legal staff at Southern Environmental Law Center in both Virginia and soon, federal courts. Alliance, and our fellow organizations, have achieved victories with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, and the Water Control Board. We intend to stop the reservoir. Help us help the river. Send money. Come to the hearings. Write letters to newspapers.

Thomas C. Rubino Alliance to Save the Mattaponi

Our Latest Victory

On September 6, 2006, the State Water Control Board, denied the City of Newport News a five year extension of its Virginia Water Protection permit. This critical denial now compels Newport News to re-apply for this VWP permit in 2007. As a result, Newport News must demonstrate the need for the reservoir and prove that it is minimizing environmental impacts. In 2007, we have a real opportunity to finally defeat the King William Reservoir. The effort will be considerable, the expenses for qualified studies will be considerable as well.

Help Stop the King William Reservoir

This river cannot protect itself. To fund the effort to Stop the Reservoir in 2007, Alliance to Save the Mattaponi has launched a major campaign to raise $100,000 in both 2006 and again in 2007. Our all volunteer organization needs funds for legal expenses and scientific studies. We are seeking small donations which are critical to success, but for this final effort we are seeking larger private and corporate donations as well. For more details on this effort or to contribute, please click here!

Tidewater Review Article


Latest Developments:

9/28/09 Join the Alliance Victory March in the West Point Parade on October 3rd! Click here for Flyer.

5/26/09 A Survey of Sustainable Water Supplies in Virginia’s Lower Peninsula

3/31/09 We won our federal case against the EPA and the Corps.!!! - "Issuance of the Permit Was Arbitrary and Capricious."!!!

8/7/2008 Reports find Newport News water need projections off by 17 MGD

Long Term Water Report

Cost and Risk Factors Report

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7/15/08 Alliance Federal Court Brief

7/15/08 Mattaponi Indians Briefs

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Colonel Carroll to R. Hildebrant Letter 06.04.1999

Colonel Carroll to Mayor Frank Letter 02.03.2000

US Corps IWR Executive Summary

Original Army Corps Decision to Deny Permit 07.02.2001

VMRC meeting minutes, 6-2 vote to Deny Permit 05.14.2003

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