Threatened Sensitive Joint Vetch as found in area of proposed KWR Intake on Mattaponi River, further endangered by King William Reservoir Project
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Don’t let Newport News Suspend Our Democracy
in King William County (2007)


  • Call your King William Supervisors Today!
  • Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting Sept 24, 2007 at 7 PM at King William County Administrative Bldg, 180 Horse Landing Road


Call your Supervisor:

First District             "Tom" Redd III                              Phone: (804) 843-4188

Second District       W. F. "Frank" Adams                      Phone: (804) 769-3854

Third District            Eugene J. Rivara                            Phone: (804) 769-0568

Fourth District         "Tom" Smiley                                  Phone: (804) 769-3480

Fifth District             Otto O. Williams                             Phone: (804) 994-2163


WHAT:           Tell your County Supervisor to let King William County citizens vote on whether to borrow money for the King William Reservoir and to oppose any approach that short cuts the regular referendum process on borrowing.

WHY:             When the County borrows money for large projects it generally uses General Obligation Bonds which require a referendum where citizens get to vote. But Newport News is pressuring King William County to suspend democracy and use more expensive revenue bonds that do not require a referendum.  The money from these bonds would be used to buy and condemn the land of King William County property owners for the development of King William Reservoir.  However, there is no need to condemn property at this time because Newport News can not begin construction on the reservoir until the State Water Control Board reviews the permit in 2012 after important studies are conducted.  In addition, the Alliance to Save the Mattaponi, the Mattaponi Tribe, Sierra Club and Chesapeake Bay Foundation are still challenging the reservoir in federal court and a court victory could stop the reservoir project.


For More Information, contact the Alliance to Save the Mattaponi:

Tom Rubino             804-769-0464

Kelly Place               757-220-8801

Tyla Matteson          804-275-6476


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